Sales Reps – Markup Priorities

You can add a Priority setting to each title if you’d like, although this is a setting that you will likely want to use judiciously. Marking every title in a catalog with “High” priority is a good way to make a priority setting lose meaning pretty quickly. You and your accounts will be able to filter a catalog by each priority setting.

You can find the Priority options here:


The different priority settings act as follows:

* Not Set: The default setting. This simply means you have not selected a Priority setting for this title.

* Featured: Featured titles appear like so:


*Highlighted: Highlighted titles will appear like so, with a yellow highlighted outline around the title entry:


* High: Titles set to High will be marked like so:


* Low: Titles set to Low will show “Low” as shown here:


There is also a “Skip” priority setting. This is a way for you to indicate to your accounts that a title may not be for them.


This setting can help you create an easy collection if you feel the need to hide titles from your accounts. Your accounts will have the option of viewing titles with the Skip priority setting or not.

You can also set the priority for multiple titles in a Markup at once. Just select the titles by clicking the checkmark at the top-left of each listing, click Other Actions, Set Priority, choose the priority you’d like to set, and Save: