Sales Reps – Sharing Multiple Markups At Once

Share Multiple Markups at Once!

This is especially useful for indie reps who sell multiple publishers. You can now share multiple markups at once with your contacts.

Here’s how:

In your People page, under Individuals, click into Other Actions. You’ll see a Share Multiple Markups option:

Click here and you’ll see a tool that allows you to add catalogs for which you have markups, and contacts, groups, organizations, etc. to share them with.

You can choose from your Recently Viewed catalogs, and for each catalog, you can choose from all of your markups if you have more than one, like so:

You can update the Markup Overview message for each markup here:

Click Next to get to the share screen, where you can send the Shared Markup email. Select ‘Share’ to share the Markups without sending an email notification. Recipients will see your Markups in their Edelweiss accounts and be able to view your notes but will not receive a notification to their email. Select ‘Share & Send’ to share the Markup and a notification to the recipients’ emails:

Your accounts will receive an email that lists each catalog/markup with a link, like so:

-There is a cap on the number of emails that can go out at once. That cap is 298. If you need to send more than that, you’ll just want to break your list up into smaller chunks.

Note: You can select users with whom to share multiple markups right from the People page, as well. Click on the checkmark next to each individual contact with whom you’d like to share, and under Actions on Selected choose the “Share Multiple Markups” option.

The screen that pops up will have those users already listed:

Watch a video on the process of sharing multiple markups: