Sales Reps – Viewing Colleagues’ Shared Markups

It’s common for sales reps to share markups with each other, either as a way to share crucial information or as a way to share the workload of creating markups.

You’ll see your colleagues shared markup notes by either viewing their markup directly, by choosing it here:…


…Or you can view individual notes by clicking on the indicator in a title’s markup note box:


Clicking your colleague’s name will bring up their note, which you can choose to use as your own, if you’d like, by clicking the icon.

SNAG_Program-0215You can also expand all Markup Notes that have been shared with you, like so:

Simply click the + next to a colleague’s Markup Note to add it to your own Markup Notes.

You will, of course, receive a notification in your Notifications widget on your homepage, or in the Shared with You area of your Catalogs page. You’ll also receive an email, assuming your colleague chose to send you one.