Sales Reps – Using Saved Filters

Saved Filters is a tool in which you can essentially filter all the titles in Edelweiss+ by a large number of customizable parameters to find just those sorts of titles you’re looking for. You can even save these searches and come back to them again and again.

The Saved Filters tool can be found here:

This tool is really quite powerful, and you’ll want to take a little time to set up some likely filters. Essentially, you can set up a few filters, save them, and then use them throughout the site.

Here’s how:

Click into the tool, and you’ll be directed to a Saved Filters screen, where you can select existing filters as well as create new filters.

Click Add New Filter to get to the filter creation screen:

You have a large number of Attributes you can use to build your custom filter, as shown here:


You can, of course, filter for just your own publishers’ titles.

Even more useful:  You can set a ‘dynamic’ time frame here, which you never have to reset. So, every time you look at this filter it will always show, for example, your publishers’ Fantasy/Sci-Fi titles that will be published in the next 7 days. With just a few clicks and some forethought, you’ll have a constantly-updating filter you can use to alert/remind your buyers of soon-to-be-released titles of interest.



These results will even pop up in your Saved Filters widget. Set up aggressively, this tool can constantly alert you to titles that fit your specific interests and concerns.


Just click on the saved filters number in your dashboard to see a list of titles that fit your selected parameters, which you can easily share with your relevant accounts.

There’s a pretty good chance you’ll want to fine-tune a saved filter, especially if it consistently shows you titles that don’t quite fit what you’re looking for.

Just click into that filter, and any corrections you make will auto-save:


Click Edit to change the name:


You can filter any list of titles, whether within a catalog, collection, Buzz list, etc.

You can find some pre-set genre filters as well: