Sales Reps – Personal Notes/Notes to Self

You can write private notes for your own use by clicking here:

These notes will not be visible to anyone else, so you can write whatever you might find useful while writing your markups, selling titles to your accounts, or whatever other reasons you might find for a private note.


Don’t forget to save!

Please note that these private notes are different from Markup Notes and are not shareable. 

Note that you can now use the “Inline Editor” for your Notes to Self. This means that you won’t get a pop-up window when adding a note, but will be able to do it right there on the page. Update that here:

This will remove the Notes icon, and make the Note field a constant presence, like so:

Clicking into the Note field will open a Note editor:

Notes to self are not markup specific. You’ll see your note wherever you see the ISBN.

Note that you can hide your personal notes from view under “Other Actions” at the top of any catalog.