Sales Reps – Setting Up Your Publishers

If you work for an independent rep group or need access to catalogs across multiple publishers, you can customize your account in the My Publishers section of the dashboard. When logged into your account, click on Publishers at the top of any page. Click the gear/settings icon in the My Publisher section:

There, you’ll be able to search for and add the publishers you represent:


You can add however many publishers you need here, and also re-sequence and remove publishers to which you no longer need access.


Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll see these publishers included in your My Publisher of the Publishers menu, section, and their associated catalogs will appear on the Catalogs page under My Publishers.

You can also add a Your New Catalogs widget to your homepage, where you’ll see the latest new catalogs from your publishers.

You will have full markup access to these catalogs going forward. Each user’s My Publisher section is unique to their own account, so users in the same organization or rep group will all need to customize this section based on their own needs.