Sales Reps – About the Order Management Module (OMM)

The Order Management Module (OMM) is available only to publisher users, and only to publishers that use direct ordering features in Edelweiss. Publishers interested in signing up for this extra module should contact:

  • The OMM was designed with a few things in mind:
    1) Ease of Use: A simple environment for your sales force to manipulate and create orders
    2) Order Submission: Your sales force can submit orders directly to your ordering system

The OMM uses HTML5, which is a different technology than the rest of Edelweiss, or than most of the rest of the internet, for that matter. This means a few different things:

  1. You will need to use either Chrome or Safari, the only two browsers that support HTML5 technology. You’ll need to download one of these browsers if you do not yet have them.
  2. The OMM will synchronize your active orders, found in the Orders page in Edelweiss. Be sure that all older submitted/finished orders have been marked completed. Doing so will make the synchronization process much quicker.

The OMM is very much like using an order form, although an order form that pulls in orders from your customers, or gives you the ability to create blank orders from scratch, add lines to existing orders, search, add entire catalogs, and easily manipulate multi-store orders, and instantly submit them to your order department.