Sales Reps – Finding the OMM

The first and most important thing sales reps will want to do is clean up their Active Orders in Edelweiss. The OMM will sync with their Active Orders list, and having dozens of year-old orders there will both slow the syncing process down, and clutter up the workspace.

From the Orders page, simply check the Completed box, as shown below, to send an order to the Completed Orders folder.

If you mark an order completed, it will not show up in the OMM. So, if you did so accidentally, just click into your Completed Orders and check the Active box:

As with most things, keeping your workspace neat and tidy will make your job much easier.

Enter the OMM (Order Management Module) here:

Again, be sure you’re using either Chrome or Safari, or you won’t be able to get into the OMM.

Once you enter the OMM, you’ll see this on your screen:

If you’ve cleaned up your Active Orders, this should just take a few minutes. If not, well, it may take a while. This is the OMM pulling in all your Active Orders, account information, etc.

When you enter the OMM, you’ll see this screen showing an Order Summary page (once you’re synchronized).