Sales Reps – Working with Orders Created in Edelweiss in OMM

Assuming your accounts have shared their orders with you, you’ll see them on your Orders page in Edelweiss. Note: As always, you’ll want to communicate with your accounts before submitting their orders. After you click into the Order Management Module and it synchronizes, you’ll need to select an account and the order with which you’d like to work.

Once an order is open, you can do a few useful things:

You can add titles or even entire catalogs or collections to this order, too:

Remove titles from the order by highlighting them and deleting them as shown here:

Submit the order here, which sends it right to your publisher for processing:

Note that we get a feed from your publisher of all your accounts and their account numbers. You will need to assign this order to the appropriate account. A PO number is required. If there is no number yet, click Assign next to PO Number and enter a number.

Account Number is required. Click on Assign to open a full list of selectable accounts and then choose the appropriate store. If applicable, you can apply a future Ship Date to this order.

You’ll be able to see the status of your submitted/completed orders on your Order Summary page:

Once submitted, your order will be marked completed, but you can also mark orders completed here, in the OMM: