Sales Reps – Adding Backlist, Comps, etc. to Orders

In the course of creating an order for an account, you or your account may want to add comparable titles, related products, or even just random backlist titles to that order. There are a few ways to do this.

If you see a title listed in Edelweiss as a Comparable Title or Related Product, just click on that title to bring up the Title Modal View, in which you can see various bits of information the publisher has provided for that title, Point-of-Sale history for that title (if any), and an easy interface to add that title to any active order.

Comparable Titles:


Click on the title and then on Orders in the Title Modal View. Select the appropriate account and order to which you’d like to add this title.

Related Products:

(Related Products are generally parts of a series, previous editions, other formats, etc.)

You can also add whichever titles you’d like to your order in the Export View for that order, found by clicking on the name of that order on your Orders page.


Using this method, you’ll simply need an ISBN.


After searching for an ISBN, you’ll see a screen in which you can add the number of units desired, add a category code, etc.