Sales Reps – Using Your Worklist

Edelweiss provides you with many ways to stay organized. One of the more helpful ways is the Worklist. This is a tool that simply allows you to place catalogs or collections with which you’re working all in the same spot.

You can quickly add a catalog to your Worklist while viewing that catalog:



Click in to your Catalogs page to add any catalogs you see to your Worklist. Again, click on the star icon:

Once you’ve added catalogs to your Worklist, you can add a widget to your homepage that lists those catalogs and collections:

Once finished working with a catalog, simply click that star icon again to remove it from your Worklist.

A usual workflow here is to decide which catalogs you’re going to work in soon, add them to your Worklist, finish and share your Markups, and then once finished, remove that catalog from your Worklist. This simply allows you to keep all your work all together in one customized and easy to find “folder,” so to speak.

Note, you can change the order of catalogs in your Worklist widget. Click here:

Then, just drag and drop those catalogs to your desired spot and remember to save your work. Easy!