Webinar: Edelweiss 360 for Publishers

Edelweiss 360 for publishers is an add-on module for publishers who currently subscribe to catalog services, and it can help you measure the reach sales and marketing strategies in Edelweiss, which you can use to then maximize the impact of your sales efforts for titles down the line.

360 surfaces new Edelweiss user data such as catalog views, and users who have tagged or shelved your titles, as well as previously available data in new and more useful ways, like reviews, downloads, and order data. And all of this information can be exported for your use and can help you make more informed decisions for your marketing and sales campaigns. And finally, 360 allows you to source the Edelweiss user base of over 140 thousand book professionals which can open up possibilities of reaching new reviewers, media, influencers, and other folks who want to read and sell your titles.

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