What is Edelweiss Community?

Edelweiss Community is a mobile-friendly social networking site for book lovers to learn about new titles, share books they love, review titles, access advanced review copies, and network with other book people. In Edelweiss Community, you can join “communities” of like-minded readers and/or book professionals to collaborate, network, and learn from one another!

This new site isn’t meant to be a replacement for Edelweiss but rather a simpler interface for book lovers without some of the B2B professional features found in Edelweiss. You might use it instead of or in addition to Edelweiss.

Communities are groups of users with similar interests or functions. Belonging to a Community is a great way to network and collaborate with other book lovers!

Users within a Community are able to:

  • Share their reviews and collections
  • View reviews and collections authored by other Community members
  • Collaborate on lists of titles (and vote on favorites!)
  • Communicate with one another

Learn how to find and join Communities here.

You can see an overview of Community features here or find all our Community help docs here