Welcome to Edelweiss!

As a new publisher, here is what you need to get started:

First: Your Title Data

No doubt, you’re anxious to get your titles into Edelweiss as soon as possible for your reps and buyers to access! First, we need your title data! 

Our team will email your account’s FTP credentials to receive data files. Then, you’ll send us a feed to populate your bibliographic title data, ideally via ONIX. If you are not able to send via ONIX, a Treeline Biblio Feed can be used for metadata instead. Click the button below to find details on data files and specifications​: 

Note: If you are a distributed publisher and your titles are already in Edelweiss, you can skip this step!

Second: Train Your Team

Once we have received and successfully processed your data, we will notify you that you’re ready to begin! Your titles will not appear in Edelweiss until you have created catalogs using our Edelweiss administration site. You’ll also want to set up your new publisher page! Edelweiss users with the catalog admin privilege can learn how to do this here:

Once your first catalog is live, please organize training for your sales representatives and/or other users so that they also feel confident using Edelweiss. They can access step-by-step instructions and short videos here:

Third: Leverage for Marketing & Sales

Once you have the basics of title and catalog management down, you’re ready to kick it up a notch! Check out the resources below to learn how to fully maximize your use of Edelweiss for sales and marketing. 

Moving forward, your Billing Contact can manage your invoices easily within the Edelweiss Billing Center.

Let’s Get Started!