Interested in saving time? Edelweiss has some tricks to be more efficient AND effective!

Bulk Importing and Exporting

Bulk exporting is a useful tool if you want to do something like share all your contacts with a colleague. To export your contacts:

  • Go to your People page
  • Select the check marks next to individuals’ names
  • Open the Other Actions menu
  • Choose Export All Contacts to File

It’s actually easier to export contacts BEFORE you import any because you can use this file with all the correct columns for importing. The headers and formatting really matter for importing contacts, so it’s worth taking a look at this detailed document.

Sharing Multiple Markups in Multiple Ways

Once you have created markups within catalogs or collections, you can share them in more than one way. In the screenshot above, you will see the options to Share a Markup and Share Multiple Markups. This is a fast way to get your hard work in the hands of your buyers quickly.

You can also share with your colleagues so that you can work together and save time — more on that when we talk mor about markups. For now, know that you can select one or more markup and then share with one or more individual, account, or group.

On your People page, choose Other Actions, and Share Multiple Markups.  Pick the catalogs, collections, or markups of those catalogs and collections.  Then choose individuals, accounts, or groups with whom to share.

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Additional Resources

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