What is Edelweiss?

Edelweiss is a free online digital catalogue platform that allows booksellers to efficiently manage their ordering process, network with other booksellers, and access digital proofs. Learn more here

Edelweiss Analytics helps bookshops efficiently manage their stock and improve performance by integrating your epos data. It is now free for bookshops in the British Isles! We will work with your epos provider for simple setup. 

Find the answers to more FAQs here. Watch a video about Edelweiss Analytics for UK bookshops here.

Edelweiss Analytics

The Basics

How to find your analytics, understand key terminology, and more.

Sales & Stock

How to use analytics to analyze your sales and manage your stock.


How to use analytics to identify new titles and create orders.


How to manage sales and inventory across multiple shops.


How It Works

How to customize your Edelweiss  homepage, set up your profile, create Saved Filters, and find titles or catalogs.

Digital Proofs

How to find review copies, make requests, download to your device, manage your titles, and write reviews.


How to create, share, and manage your orders within Edelweiss or export to your epos for processing.


How to join, share reviews and collections, and find those shared by other members. Or create your own!

Customer Support

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime!