About Communities

Communities are groups of users with similar interests or functions. Belonging to a Community is a great way to make Edelweiss even more customized and useful.

Users within a Community are able to:

  • Share reviews (or nominations) and Collections with the Community
  • View reviews and Collections from other Community members

    Visit the new & improved Edelweiss Community here. Click “Help” at the bottom of the page to learn more! 

Communities allow you to easily see what others in similar roles or with similar interests are reading and share titles with each other. This makes the big world of Edelweiss and it’s 135,000+ users feel more personal!

All users are given the opportunity to join Communities of interest when they make their Edelweiss account (or when Communities was launched in Edelweiss!), but you can reactivate the “Communities Setup Tool” anytime or manually search and join Communities at any time.

General Interest Communities: These are communities for certain types of users – such as employee organizations, association members, book nomination organizations, or a specific sub-type of Edelweiss users. Remember, if you’d like to be able to submit a review to a certain review organization (IndieNext, SIBA, etc.), you’ll need to be a member of that Community!

Genre Communities: If you are particularly interested in certain types of books, you may be interested in the genre Communities. These are great for reviewers, readers, or buyers that specialize in certain genres. There are large genre Communities that are officially managed by Edelweiss, but individual users can also create their own genre Communities if they see a subject of interest that is missing.

User-Managed Communities: In addition to the Communities that are officially managed by Edelweiss, any user can create their own Community to network and share with other book professionals on Edelweiss.

Once you are part of a Community, you will be able to view Community reviews, access Community collections, send your own reviews to a Community, and share collections with a Community.

Learn how to join or leave a Community here, or check out our Community site for more features and find an overview of those here