About Edelweiss Designer

Edelweiss Designer allows publishers with an Edelweiss Catalog Services subscription to create sales and marketing materials using the metadata that they are already sending to the site. Find our Designer Training Page here!

Designer users can feed their Edelweiss catalogs/collections through customizable templates, which update in real time with their data feed. The resulting order forms, catalogs, advanced information sheets, and other documents can be exported as PDFs, viewed as presentations, or shared with a link.

Watch a walk-through of Edelweiss Designer for an introduction to the tool and its intuitive features:

For those with Designer access, just click on the palette icon in the upper-left corner of your Edelweiss homepage to open the tool:

Designer is an add-on module to our Catalog Services product. If you don’t see the icon shown above, please contact support@abovethetreeline.com for more information about pricing and access!