Readers – Finding People, Friends, & Communities

The simplest way to find people in Edelweiss+ is to search for them while viewing your profile, which you can reach by simply clicking on your profile picture or initials at the top of any Edelweiss+ screen, then Your Profile and Account to find your Friends Search.


You can search for people by searching for their name (first or last…or both) or by searching for them using their email address. Click on their profile to either send them a message (email) or to send them a Friend Invitation. Connecting with another user as a Friend allows you to see their shelf and review activity, assuming they approve your friend request, of course.

You’ll find your own Friend Requests in your Profile here:



Or in your Notifications widget on your homepage:

When you’ve connected with someone, you’ll find them in your People page and dashboard lane:

And their activity will be added to your Friends section of your Buzz page:

See details here about joining and interacting with your Communities!