Bookseller-Refs (References)

Refs (short for References) will show all instances in which a title is referenced in catalogs, collections, or orders that are relevant to your specific account.

Note that the Refs field opens¬†below Content, Comps, or Related titles. If you have any or all of those fields open, you’ll just need to scroll down a bit t see it.

Within the Refs tool you’ll see 3 option, Catalogs, Collections, and Orders. Catalogs will show all the Catalogs to which you have access that include this title. (Catalogs to which you do not have access include publishers’ internal-only or inactive catalogs, for the record.)

You can quickly see if a title has been cataloged in previous seasons, and then peek back to see if you had any orders for it in that previous season.

Collections will show any Collections you’ve created or any Collections that have been shared with you.

The Orders option will show any Edelweiss orders that contain this title, along with a number of other useful pieces of information.

Especially useful for divining where mistakes might have been made, or simply tracing the history of a title, the Edelweiss support team themselves use this tool on a very regular basis.

You can also turn on Refs to expand the section for all titles on a page. Select Other Actions from the top of your title list, and click Toggle All Refs: