Booksellers – Importing into Pubeasy

The first step to exporting an order to import in to Pubeasy is to set PubEasy as your Default POS system. **Note if you already use an Edelweiss-compatible POS system to download your orders to your POS you may need to Create a Custom Export Format for downloading and importing into Pubeasy!

Then go to your Orders page, and click in to the Export Preview screen for the order you wish to export.

To view your order in the Standard View, which shows your order in a catalog format, so with all the title covers, catalog copy, bibliographic information, etc. just click on the order name.  This can be a useful view when editing titles’ category codes, etc. Edit your order as needed. Details about doing so here.

While in that view, enter your Export Preview screen here:

In that Export Preview screen, click Download to export your order:

Your file should download automatically to your computer’s Downloaded file. The information below is provided by Pubeasy to help with importing your orders on that end.

Import a CSV

  • Click on the Import CSV button
  • Choose a supplier or multiple suppliers from the Supplier drop-down list
  • You can either drag and drop the file or select the file by clicking on Select File
  • An identifier is the only required field.
  • To enter an order reference, you must indicate a quantity.
  • To enter an offer code, you must indicate a quantity and have a column for order reference even if it is blank.
  • Each item should be on a new line.


The order of the fields in each line is

• ISBN isbn
• QUANTITY quantity
• LINE_REF line reference
• OFFER_CODE offer code

The fields should be separated by a semicolon (;)