Booksellers – Viewing Buzz

Edelweiss is one of the few places in which professional readers can get access to digital review copies. This has led to the aggregation of reviews and shelf activity of Edelweiss users. As it happens, Edelweiss is where book professionals (booksellers, librarians, bloggers, publisher sales reps, reviewers, and so many more folks) go to find what is coming around the bend in publishing. So the Buzz area of Edelweiss is an extraordinarily powerful way to look at which titles are earning pre-publication buzz among those people for whom books are life, so to speak.

You can see “Buzz” for a few different groups of users, including your coworkers, your Edelweiss “Friends,” and (assuming your store is an ABA member) the ABA affiliate group.

Click into your Buzz page at the top of the screen to see the various filter options and to see the list of Buzz titles in a catalog-style view:


Helpfully, you can sort this list of titles by Review, Shelf, or Buzz activity, among other options.


Click one of those to see actual reviews and actual shelf activity.