Booksellers – Learning About Saved Filters

Here’s a quick exercise to show the power of the various filters you can use all over Edelweiss. This is just one example, of course, so feel free to play around and create your own saved filters, and check out the options to refine and sort catalogs and title lists. You’ll find lots of useful stuff.

So we’ll start here with a quick saved filter, details of which can be found here. In this case, we’ll set a simple dynamic pub date filter, of “1 week from today.”


If it helps, you can also add to this filter things like format, specific publishers or subjects, etc. This week, this particular filter is showing 1658 titles, which is a fair number of titles to go through. But you can view that list and then refine according to what you actually have on order for a relatively svelte list of, for this store, 13 titles.


And then, you can even sort that list by Order Quantity, so the stuff you’ve ordered the MOST of will be at the top:


Note the ascending/descending order icon there. Note, too, that this sort is based on the total order for all locations.

So, we’ve now created a list of the new titles you can expect to arrive in your store in the next week, which you can easily print off to give to your staff so they know what to expect!

Because this is a ‘dynamic filter,’ you can re-use it week after week. Set up your Saved Filters widget on your homepage to to get an alert when titles fit the criteria of one of your saved filters and see a quick link to the title list.