Catalog Admin – Edelweiss Image Specs

These Image Specs pertain to book jacket covers, interior images, and catalog covers.

File format:  JPG, PNG, or GIF (static only, animated GIF files only allowed for Title Banner Insert uploads)

Size: max. 1000 px wide

Resolution:  72 dpi

Jacket Cover Naming Convention:  [ISBN].[fileformat], e.g. 978123456789.png

Interior Image Naming Convention:  [ISBN_SequenceNumber].[FileFormat], e.g. 978123456789_1.png

If you’re posting images in a batch to your FTP folder on our server, please make sure they are put in the proper edelwess/images/ subfolder, e.g. jacket_covers, illustrations, or author_images.

Note that jacket covers and catalog covers should be rectangular with a 2:3 ratio!

Note, too, that it’s best to avoid special characters in your file names when uploading catalog covers and other images!