Community – Creating a Collaborative List

Want to share your favorite titles on a certain topic or start a friendly competition with your fellow Community members? A Collaborative List is a fun way to share your thoughts and learn about great titles you may have missed. You can also use Collaborative Lists to nominate titles for certain use cases (like awards, seasonal purchases, or curriculums) with your colleagues!

Every Collaborative List is linked to a Community. So, to create a Collaborative List, first start by clicking into an appropriate Community from your homepage.

In the Community Hub, you’ll see the active Collaborative Lists lane. If your topic has yet to be covered, click Add New:

Give your list a name and describe what type of titles should be included. If you leave it in Draft format, your list will not be visible to other Community members until you’ve added your favorite titles and published it! You will also want to make sure you have it set to All under who can add titles so that others can add to the list too!

Now you’ll see your new Collaborative List at the top of the Community Hub! Click it to add titles.

Click Add Title(s) to add your favorite titles (either by searching for them or by adding a list of ISBNs).

The icons at the top are useful to Community admins. The bell icon allows you to determine when you want to be notified about Collaborative List activity. The download icon allows you export the entire list. The filing cabinet icon allows you to archive the list if it’s no longer relevant.

Once you’ve added your titles, don’t forget to publish your list if it’s still in draft status! Click the gear icon to toggle the status to Published and click Submit!