Edelweiss360 for Sales

Edelweiss360 surfaces Edelweiss user data such as who has viewed your catalog, who has shared it, who has put your titles on their Shelves in Edelweiss, and more. It also presents other data from Edelweiss in new, more useful ways – data like reviews, downloads, and orders. Depending on what type of sales you’re involved in, you may use some features more than others. Watch a short video highlighting the features of Edelweiss360 for sales reps here.

Edelweiss360 will allow you to monitor catalog shares and views as well as the user activity within your accounts.

For example, under an Account, you can see a list of all the account’s users, including how long they’ve been on Edelweiss and details about their engagement with your titles (reviews, Shelves, downloads, etc.). Drill down to see more detail on the Reviews or Downloads by the Account’s users. All of this information can be very helpful in determining which users within an account may be able to influence orders! Note that, again, you need to be familiar with the account already to see all of this detail, unless you are a Premium subscriber.

Premium 360 subscribers can also message all users in a given list:


Learn more about Edelweiss360 here.