Publisher Admins – Creating Your Document in Document Builder

There are two ways to go about exporting your final documents from the Document Builder. The first and simplest is within the “Create Template” section of the Document Builder. In this view, once you have created the template to your satisfaction you can click on one of the four icons in the top right corner, as indicated below:Document Builder Export 1

These options will allow you to export to a Powerpoint, Word Document, PDF, or an Email.  After clicking on one of these options you will be asked if you would like to create the whole catalog or only the selected title.

The second and more in-depth way to export from the Document Builder is through the “Create Document” section. Note that in this part of the Document Builder you can only export to a PDF.

Once you’ve perfected your masterpiece of a template (details here), you can begin the process of creating a document. Click the Create Document link at the top of the Document Builder homepage. At this point you will be asked to name your new document as well as provide a description, a filename, decide whether to allow others from your organization to view the document you are creating, select the catalog you wish to make up the contents of your document and finally decide which template you would like to have as your default. You will see the popup below:



Name– The title of the document

Description – Optional way of distinguishing Documents

File Name – The name of this file

Visibility– Share with your colleagues if you choose

Catalog– Determines which titles appear in your document (This can be changed)

Default Template – the template that will be used in each of the pages, once the document has been created, however, any of the templates can be applied to any of the pages.  The default simply provides a starting point.


Click into that document to edit. You can move the order of titles in the left-hand column, select templates for each page, and more:

Change the template for each page here:

Use these icons to add a new page before or after a page:

This can be especially useful in adding cover pages, table of contents, etc. After adding a new page, you can choose from a variety of page types:

Once you’ve created your masterpiece, you can either Generate (print) or Save this document.

Note: Two options are available in the Document Builder to manage your titles: the “Keep titles in sync with catalog” checkbox and the “Reset Titles” button in the title list. These options appear here:


If the Keep titles in sync box is checked, and a title is added to a catalog or collection, that title will appear last in the list of titles even if that is not its place in the catalog. This happens in order to keep a new title or titles from throwing off the matching of titles to templates.

When a title is removed from a catalog and this box is checked it’s place will be taken by a “Blank Space” place holder, again to keep your titles and templates matched up.

The “Reset Titles” button will reorder the list of titles to match the order that appears in the catalog and will remove all blank spaces.  The pages that will disappear when the blank spaces are removed will disappear from the end of the catalog.

These features allow titles to be added and removed from a catalog without throwing off the order of existing titles in your document.