Sales Rep – Finding Your Contacts List

You can find your Contacts on the People page:

Scroll down the list to find specific contacts, or quickly search for a specific contact here:

Click on a contact to see their details, including any groups to which you’ve added them, a notice of any recently shared markups, etc.

Click Add New Contact at the top of the contact list to add someone new (you just need the email address they use to log in to Edelweiss).

You can import a list of contacts by clicking on, you guessed it, Import Contacts. More information here.

Adding your accounts to your Contacts list is pretty crucial in Edelweiss, as that’s your gateway to their orders. In fact, your accounts will not be able to share their orders with you until you add them to your Contacts.

You’ll be able to share markups and collections with them much more easily, as well.