Sales Reps – View Multi-Store Locations

If you have accounts with multiple locations, but you’re not seeing all stores within your Markups or shared orders, you may need to make their additional locations visible.

Click your initials or profile picture in the top-right of your screen and select Settings and Preferences:

In the pop-up window select Multi-Store Display from the menu on the left, and select the account using the drop-down menu:

When you’ve selected the account, you’ll see two columns Stores and Hidden Stores. You can drag and drop any Hidden Stores into the Stores column and click the save icon to make them visible (and vice versa):

Now when you’re in the Markup for the account or viewing their orders you’ll see an order area for the additional store(s) where you can add suggestions or see what the account has on order:

Information on Multi-Store and Roll Up orders in the OMM here