Sales Reps – A Brief Tour

Following is a brief explanation of the various pages in Edelweiss, which amounts to a very quick tour of the many tools available on the site.


Home:  The Homepage is where you start in Edelweiss. Essentially, this homepage is fully customizable by adding or removing various widgets. See details here. Note, your particular pages may be in a different order, depending on how you’ve customized your dashboard.

Catalogs:  This page will show you lists of available catalogs. For example, you can view catalogs you’ve placed on your Worklist, catalogs you’ve bookmarked, your Collections, those catalogs with Shared Markups, etc.


Buzz:  This page will show you titles that have been getting attention in Edelweiss. Either from your Friends in the Edelweiss Community, colleagues, etc. “Attention” in this case consists of Review and Shelf Activity in Edelweiss. So, by selecting “My Org Activity” you can see titles about which your colleagues have been excited. By ‘making friends’ with your colleagues, reps, and booksellers, librarians, or bloggers, you’ll be able to see which titles your friends have been reading, loving, and even hating. This is an easy way to get a heads-up about titles from your accounts and the market at large.


Review Copies:  This page will show the current Digital Review Copies available in Edelweiss in a filterable, sortable list. Track your own requests and downloads, as well as, of course, open or processed requests from Edelweiss users. Note, as well, the calendar icons, which allow you to set the activity time frame for each view.


Shelves:  This page will help you keep track of any titles you’ve added to your personal shelves, to assist you in tracking your reading or titles of interest. Note the calendar icon that allows you to change the activity time frame filter for each element here.

Tags:  This page is where you’ll find all of your personal tags/associated titles. Note the calendar icons here as well.


Orders:  The Orders page will show any orders that your accounts have shared with you, as well as any orders you’ve created on their behalf. You’ll see Active or Completed orders, depending on your selected filter. You’re able to filter the list of orders either by Account or by the person who created the order. From this page, you can view orders in a list view, which is essentially a ‘visual purchase order’ showing just those titles on the order but in the interactive catalog-type view you’re used to. You can also see the export preview screen, which is where you’ll see the order in a downloadable basic format. Details here.


Please take special note that your accounts must share their orders with you so you can see them. For them to do this, you’ll simply need to add them to your Contacts. Details about adding Contacts here.

People:  The People page will show you your Contacts and Accounts, as well as any Edelweiss Friends, Colleagues, or Affiliates along with their Shelf and Review activity. This is where you can connect with your accounts.


Event Grids:  Event Grids are proposed author tours put out by publishers. Publishers (you) 100% control access to the grids. You can find the complete documentation about the event grids here.


Reviews:  The Reviews page will help you keep track of any reviews you’ve submitted, as well as those of your colleagues and affiliations. More importantly, you can see reviews submitted by your accounts.