What are Circles?

Circles are a way for Community members to break themselves out into smaller subsets within an overarching Community.

Some suggestions on how you may want to break out your larger Community into Circles:

  • You are a store/library with multiple locations/branches. Create a Community for your employees and then create Circles within that Community for each of the locations/branches so members can more easily connect with their direct colleagues
  • Create a Community for everyone at your store and break out adult buyers, childrens buyers, gift buyers, frontline booksellers, etc. into their own Circles
  • In a Genre Community, create a Circle for more specific sub-genres. Ex: create a “Historical” Circle in the Romance Community to limit titles seen there to just those with a Fiction/Romance/Historical subject

You can find the Circles within a joined Community by clicking into the main Community Hub on the left-hand side of your screen:

Learn how to create and manage your Circles here