Booksellers – Reviews in Edelweiss

Find Reviews here:

This tool helps you track your reviews. See how to submit reviews here.

You’ll see your own reviews, those from people with whom you’ve connected as Friends, and your Colleagues (users who are in the same shared Edelweiss organization as you)

Reviews can also be found in their own homepage widget, of course.

You’ll see the rating given, and a field that will show the text of any review you’ve written. Click in to that field to edit your review:

Note, giving a title a rating of 8 or higher automatically gives it a “Much Love” rating, and clicking the Much Love heart (🖤) icon automatically assigns a review rating of 9 to that title.

Reviews from others will show thusly:

Click a user’s name to see details:


You can even export selected reviews to excel, if you like:


That spreadsheet will give you a rundown of each review:


Find reviews that have been submitted to your various Communities on the People page or via the Community site: