Managing Your Email Notifications

Would you like to receive an email alert when you have new notifications in Edelweiss+? You can subscribe to an email digest of your notifications on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis from 1) the Notifications drop-down or 2) the Notifications widget on your homepage. You can also change the frequency of your email notifications in the same way.

Note: These email digests will include notifications regarding shared orders, shared markups, community invitations, friend invitations, shared event grids, messages, and approved/declined review copy requests. They do not currently include friend activity, new reviews (publishers), review copy requests (publishers), or community reviews/nominations.

Notifications Dropdown:

Click on the notifications bell in the Edelweiss+ header:

Select how often you would like to receive email digests by modifying the “Emailed notifications” frequency:

You can also view all of your notifications here and toggle between “Unread” and “Read”:

Click into a notification by clicking the icon to the right.

Or manage your notifications from the Notification widget:

If you do not have the Notifications widget yet, add it by clicking Add Widget on your Edelweiss+ homepage and selecting Notifications:

Once added, you can manage your notifications from your homepage’s Notifications widget:

Click on a notification to open it. Click on the bell icon to schedule email notifications.