Sales Reps – Sharing a Collection

Once you’ve created your own Collection, sharing a Collection works exactly like sharing a Markup, details about which can be found here.

There are a few key differences, however.

First, remember that a Collection is only visible to those with whom you share it. When you share a Collection, you’re not only making that particular set of titles visible, but you’re also sharing any markup notes you’ve added to the Collection as well.

Whether you share your Collection with colleagues or with accounts, they’ll receive notification in their Notifications widget on their homepage that it’s been shared with them. They’ll also receive an email, should you choose to send them one.

To share, open the relevant Collection and click into Shares in the blue bar at the bottom of the screen. More details about sharing Markups can be found here.

If you just want to share a link to your collection to send via email you can also do so. Note this will just enable the receivers to open your collection and see the titles within. They will not be able to see any Markup elements within the collection, nor will it be added to their “Shared with You” Collections unless you share it via the Markups toolbar.

You can get the URL link of your collection by clicking the first 3 connected dots icon on the collection, highlight the URL, and copy and paste the link wherever you need: