Sales Reps – Sharing Markups

Your Markups receive some special treatment in Edelweiss. They are completely private to you until you share them with whomever you’d like. Because of this, you can add more sensitive or privileged information than if you simply shared a link with your accounts.

You grant access to those notes – either to your colleagues or to your accounts. Doing so is easy, although you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

Here’s how:

Once you’ve completed your Markup to your satisfaction, click into “Shared With” in the bottom blue bar:


There, you’ll see your Contacts listed. Simply click on one to share your Markup with them. If you don’t see a contact here you may need to add them to your contacts list:


If you’d like to send them an email with a link to your Markup, just check the box next to their name.

Adding a contact to the Shared With… list immediately shares your markup with that contact.

When you click Email Checked Shares, you’ll see a short form to fill out:

The subject line will be, by default, the name of the catalog you’re sharing. You can edit that as you like. The Contact field allows you to add additional recipients. The Send To field will show the details of those who will be receiving your email. Generally speaking, sharing the markup and checking the box next to those users’ names will be all you need to do for your accounts to receive the appropriate email.

Click Email to send. Your account will receive an email that looks something like this:

SNAG_Program-0194There is a cap on the number of emails that can go out at once. That cap is 298. If you need to send more than that, you’ll just want to break your list up into smaller chunks.

A few points worth noting:

– When you update the notes in your markup, your changes will be automatically visible to those folks with whom you’ve shared your markup.

– You need to share your Markup with the email address with which your account logs in to Edelweiss. Some accounts might use an email address with which you’re unfamiliar, for whatever reason. For example, they might share an Edelweiss account with multiple buyers, or use a generic type email address. If your account says that they are unable to see the notes you thought you’d shared with them, this is the issue approximately 99.99% of the time. So, simply asking them what address they use to log in to Edelweiss and updating your Contacts List accordingly is your best bet.

-You can also share your markup with an entire organization/account, meaning the markup notes will be made visible to every user associated with a store or library. Some stores will request that you do this anyway, as they see the value of your notes being visible to all of their employees. When you choose to send a markup email, that email will only go to those individuals you actually have listed individually in your Contacts list.  This is relevant for those reps who work with Barnes & Noble. 

-You can designate a group (or multiple groups) in which to place a contact – and then simply share your markup with a group. More about sharing with groups and organizations/accounts here.

-If you need to share your Markup with more people, simply repeat the process shown above. Don’t remove any users from the Shared With list, or you’ll “Unshare” it with them, removing their access to your Markup. Simply add more contacts to that list to share with more people.

-You can share multiple markups at once with your contacts. This is especially useful for indie reps who sell multiple publishers. Learn more here.

Note that you can sort your “Shared” list either by Name alphabetical), or by Date Shared (most recent on top):

You can also very quickly share with all of your Accounts!

Remember, when you share with an Account, you’re sharing your markup with all users linked to that store. This process will very quickly share your markup with them all. You’ll see the name of the account and the number of users with whom you’ve shared. Click the X to remove an account from the list. Click the checkbox to send them your usual markup email. Just as when you send a markup to a single Account, the email will only go to those users actually listed in your individual contacts, but all users will see your markup once shared.

Again, there is a cap on the number of emails that can go out at once. That cap is 298. If you need to send more than that, you’ll just want to break your list up into smaller chunks!

Share Multiple Markups at Once!

This is especially useful for indie reps who sell multiple publishers. You can now share multiple markups at once with your contacts.

Here’s how:

In your People page, click into Other Actions. You’ll see a Share Multiple Markups option:

Click on there and you’ll see a tool that allows you to add catalogs for which you have markups, and contacts, groups, organizations, etc.

You can choose from your Recently Viewed catalogs, and for each catalog, you can choose from all of your markups if you have more than one, like so:

You can update a Markup Overview message for each markup here:

Click Next to get to the share screen, where you can send the Shared Markup email:

Your accounts will receive an email that lists each catalog/markup with a link, like so: