Sales Reps – Finding Orders

You’ll be alerted to new orders from your accounts in a few places in Edelweiss. The first will be in your Notifications widget, on your homepage.

Just click on the name of the order to be taken right to that order. The Export Preview screen for that order can be found there, as well.


The next place you’ll find orders, of course, is on your Orders page:

From here, you’ll be able to view all Active or Completed orders in your selected time frame:


If viewing a large list of orders, which you hopefully are, you can filter the order list either by the name of an account or by the name of the person who created that order, appointment date, etc.


You can also use the Type here to find… tool to quickly find an order (by Order Name), or Sort by order Name, Last Updated, or Appointment Date.


If you need to create an order for an account, you’ll find that option here:


If you are unable to see an order, be sure to check both your Active and Completed orders. If it’s still not there, there’s a chance that your account has not yet shared that order with you. Here are details on how they can share their order with you.

Orders are also visible from within catalogs. Select an account to see all orders associated with the titles in this catalog, (and choose a specific order to view, as well):