Finding Digital Review Copies (DRCs)

Review Copies can be found in a few places – on your homepage, under the Review Copy tab, while viewing titles throughout Edelweiss, and in email communications.

Adding a Review Copies widget on your Edelweiss homepage is easy. You can find details on how to customize your homepage here.


The widgets are customizable based on the types of review copies you like. In the image above, this widget will show you all “Fantasy” Digital Review Copies (DRC’s) by using Saved Filter. From the homepage widget, you can click on the cover image to see details about this title and take actions such as requesting, downloading, adding to your Shelves, adding a Review, Tags, Notes, etc.



You can view available Digital Review Copies in a more comprehensive view by clicking into the Review Copies page:



Note the calendar icon that allows you to change the time frame for the list of titles you are viewing – from as recent as “Yesterday” to “All” (but that could be a lot of titles and may be too many to load – we recommend adding a time constraint!).



Title listings will show like so:



Titles are listed to Download or Request, depending on the publishers’ settings.

Filter this list using the Refine options at the left of the screen, like so:




Or better yet, apply one of your useful Saved Filters filter sets for more personalized and powerful browsing:

It is highly recommended that you check out these details about the Saved Filters tool. You’re going to love Saved Filters!

You’ll find DRC’s listed throughout the site as you either browse around or go through catalogs.

Learn more about how to download a review copy here.

In your Review Copies page there are tabs for “Downloaded” and “Downloaded, Not Reviewed” on the bottom row. Note that all titles you have downloaded or opened in the Edelweiss eReader will show up on this list.

Select “Downloaded, Not Reviewed” to see the titles you have downloaded but have yet to review. Don’t forget to write reviews! Not only is this polite in return for receiving the title from the publisher, but more reviews increase the strength of your profile for future requests!