Sales Reps – Exporting Title Data

You can export title information in a few different formats, Excel file, PDF, or email:

You can reach this tool under the Other Actions menu when you’re viewing a title page:


Excel File:

To export title information to an Excel file, select the titles that you would like to be included in it. You do this by clicking on the checkbox that appears in the top left corner of the title view. It turns orange when that title is selected.


Or if you would like to generate a file of an entire title list, you can click the “Select All” option in the Other Actions menu. Then click on “Export to File.”

This will bring up a menu in which you can specify your desired export template. If this is your first time exporting and you do not have a POS system specified (as a retailer), you will just see the option to export as a Generic Order Form. Click create to export in this format, and your file will auto-save to your computer’s Downloads folder where you can open and edit it if you need. You can then print it out on actual real paper, or send it as an email attachment, whichever best suits your needs.

If you’d like to have different title elements export you can create your own custom export format, details here**Quick note, some title attributes, such as summary, marketing info, reviews/quotes, and images cannot be exported to an Excel or text file. For these attributes you can create a PDF


You can email a single title, or even a shortlist of titles, to anyone you like. (Keep in mind that email providers have caps on how big an email can be, so sending an email of 100 titles just wouldn’t really work. In that case, you’d probably want to generate a PDF of that title list.) You can send an email to a rep, a co-worker, a customer, your mom…

Select the titles you would like to email, Click Other Actions and Send Email:

Then select if you’d like to send in Basic or Expanded format and click Next:

Then fill out the details of your email, a subject, who you want to send it to (in the Send To field), a message, and whether you’d like a copy sent to yourself, if it’s high importance, or to hide multiple email addresses. When you’re finished click the Email button:

They’ll get a pretty and informative email (that links to the title’s detail page) They’ll be able to see the usual information, including price, author bio, title summary, etc. To be sure about what you’re sending out, just send yourself a sample email.


Find instructions on exporting to PDF here.