Librarians – Exporting Title Data

You can export title information in a few different formats:


You can reach this tool via a dashboard lane on your dashboard:


Or by selecting titles in a catalog or titles list (using the checkmarks) and going to Other Actions at the top of the page:


In Other Actions, Select Export/Output found here:



You can email a single title, or even a shortlist of titles, to anyone you like. (Keep in mind that email providers have caps on how big an email can be, so sending an email of 100 titles just wouldn’t really work. In that case, you’d probably want to generate a PDF of that title list.) You can send an email to a rep, a co-worker, a customer, your mom… We’ve heard from booksellers that if they know a specific customer will be excited about a title, they send them an email, sort of on the fly while going through a catalog, to ask if they’d like to pre-order a title. The answer is invariably an excited YES!

Click Email, and then fill out the short form:


They’ll get a pretty and informative email (that links to a title’s detail page) They’ll be able to see the usual information, including price, author bio, title summary, etc. To be sure about what you’re sending out, just send yourself a sample email.



You can create PDF’s of titles or title lists in a few different simple formats:


Click Create to produce the PDF, which you can email as an attachment to whomever you like, or print out. Many buyers print PDF’s of titles they’re excited about to pass around to their staff so they know what’s coming to the shelves soon. Others create documents that they send to their customers, or to use a bag-stuffers, etc. PDFs will auto-save to your computer’s Downloads folder once finished exporting.

Order Form 

More Soon!



You’ll see here any custom exports you’ve created. There are any number of reasons to send a list of titles to an Excel spreadsheet, whether it’s to keep a list of relevant titles for future reference, to send to a customer as an order form to accompany a pdf, etc. See details about creating Custom Exports here, and details about editing Export Rules here. Files will auto-save to your computer’s Downloads folder once finished exporting.

Social Media

Coming Soon! This tool will give the ability to post titles to various social media outlets.