What Does Edelweiss Do for Booksellers?

Edelweiss is an online platform where most publishers post their frontlist catalogs. You can get personalized markup notes from your publisher sales reps, communicate with those reps and your staff, request author events using the Event Grids, download digital review copies, nominate titles for IndieNext, track your staff’s reviews and shelf activity, etc.
There’s quite a lot going on, but that core function, the frontlist catalog platform is the best place to start! You can find a training page here that has videos, directions, tips, etc. all available at your leisure.

It’s worth noting that Edelweiss does not sell or distribute books, but simply acts as the platform on which publishers post their catalogs. You can discover upcoming titles, and create orders for them, but you’ll need to order those titles either from the publisher (usually via their sales reps) or through your usual wholesalers. You are able to see all these publishers catalogs without needing to be connected to them in any other way.

If you do work with publisher sales reps, you can share your Edelweiss orders with them directly. They can then grab them from their own Edelweiss account and submit them.

Alternately, you can create an order in Edelweiss, import it to your POS system and then submit the order to whomever you like using your usual methods. Of course, you can always export your order to a document that you can email or fax, as well.  It’s really up to however you prefer to do business.

An item of note, you can create your own custom catalogs to share with customers, whether schools, libraries, local businesses… You can add any titles you like to a Collection and then print it, email it, or share a link or spreadsheet. See details about creating these Collections here. And a bit about creating PDF’s and the like here.

Aside from the catalogs and ordering functions, Edelweiss is a great place to grab digital advanced copies of upcoming titles. This can obviously aid in discovering titles you may have missed otherwise, as well as make sure that you and your staff are up-to-speed on what’s coming.

Note, too, that Edelweiss is free to use!

Again, here is a link to an in-depth training page to help you get going. We also have a general Order Process Workflow for booksellers. You can always contact us, too, at support@abovethetreeline.com if you have questions or would like clarification on anything.

While all the ordering and business-type stuff needs to happen in Edelweiss proper, we do have a simplified version of Edelweiss for users that aren’t involved in ordering, but prefer to stick to review copies, reviews, and community stuff. Edelweiss Community is available by clicking this little snowflake icon: