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Edelweiss is a platform that allows publishers to efficiently manage their digital catalogs and review copies as well as their sales and marketing. It is the primary method independent bookstores and B&N purchase books, but it's also where over 200,000 book professionals and serious readers discover new titles! 


Your titles are included in your distribution partner's catalogs on Edelweiss, which they use to sell into the independent market. They also manage data feeds and title information for you! If you'd like to maximize your presence on Edelweiss and drive more traffic to your title listings, you may take advantage of additional services. 


Create a free Edelweiss account. Browse your titles in Baker & Taylor Publisher Services catalogs on Edelweisscheck out Edelweiss Community (a sister site aimed at book lovers), and explore. On your homepageadd your distributor, your own publishing house if you have a catalog subscription, or any other publishers you'd like to access quickly. Learn how to use Saved Filters to find your titles.


Subscribe to newsletters of interest. The monthly publisher newsletter is the main source for publisher information on Edelweiss and the marketing newsletter is where we announce new marketing opportunities. 


There are a number of options available to you to promote your titles on Edelweiss, including:

  • Featured Titles are highlighted in Edelweiss, on social media, and in the weekly newsletter. These require no artwork!
  • Banner Ads are available in the weekly newsletter or in monthly librarian and bookseller newsletters.
  • Title Banners show above your title throughout Edelweiss. They never expire, and you can swap the artwork anytime! 
  • Targeted Advertising allows you to reach specific communities of readers and buyers.

Important Note: In order to reserve a promotion on Edelweiss, you must be a user within your distributor's account. If you don’t see the “promote” button  on your title, reach out to your representative for help! 


  • You can manage digital and audio formats directly within Edelweiss.
  • Offer your review copies for immediate download or require users to request access.
  • Monitor download activity, feature reviews, and more!


Independent Publisher Listing (IPL)

  • Manage your own publisher page and create your own catalogs in Edelweiss at a discounted rate


  • As part of your IPL subscription, you can monitor engagement of your titles and catalogs using Edelweiss360. By upgrading to Edelweiss360 Premium, you can activate additional direct sales and marketing features.