edelweiss offers easy-to-use tools to support librarians and the work of readers' advisory.

this training page brings together resources to help librarians get started using the site's key title discovery features: catalogs, collections, review copies, and community buzz.

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1. Getting Started on Edelweiss

Edelweiss is a digital catalog platform for publishers to manage their catalogs and share their books with professional readers on the site (like you!). Getting set up with a free account to discover books and explore popular titles takes just a few simple steps.

Creating an Account

Create a free account on Edelweiss in seconds. Looking to add a user to your organization? Click here.

Editing Your Edelweiss Profile

Tell publishers, colleagues, and other Edelweiss users about who you are and why you are on Edelweiss.

Configuring Your Homepage

Customize the Edelweiss homepage to serve your goals and workflow on the site.

2. Browsing Catalogs and Creating Collections

Browsing catalogs on Edelweiss is a great practice to learn about upcoming titles. And, you can add filters and refinements to target your search for titles. Looking to stay organized? It is easy to set up a custom collection of titles on Edelweiss.

Finding Catalogs

Learn all the ways to find catalogs on Edelweiss.

Navigating Catalogs

Make your way through the wealth of information available in a catalog. 

Filtering Title Lists

Build powerful saved filters for catalogs and other title lists.

Refining Title Lists

Drill down into a list using one or many attribute refinements.

Using Collections

Create and share custom catalogs, called collections.

Exporting Title Lists

Export the title information for any title, or list of titles, to a PDF.

Adding to Worklist

Easily access your current catalogs and collections using the Edelweiss worklist tab.

3. Finding and Requesting Review Copies

Reading books in advance makes all the difference in effective readers' advisory. Publishers on Edelweiss make review copies available in a variety of formats for users to request and download. Access to review copies is managed by the publishers, so completing your Request Profile is a key step in starting to review books on Edelweiss.

Discovering Digital Review Copies

Explore all the books available as review copies on Edelweiss.

Understanding Review Copy Icons

Learn about the different review copy types and statuses.

Completing Your Request Profile

Tell publishers who you are and why you are requesting a review copy.

Requesting Review Copies

Submit requests to publishers for books of interest.

Accessing Review Copies

Download approved review copies onto various devices and e-Readers.

Tracking Review Copy Requests

Stay on top of your all your review copy requests.

4. Reviewing and Organizing Titles

Once you've finished reading a review copy, you can rate and review the title for your peers and the publisher to see on Edelweiss. Looking to stay on top of titles you are anticipating, currently reading, or loved? Take advantage of features like shelves, tags, and notes.

Writing Reviews

Rate books and share your thoughts with the publisher, peers, and colleagues.

Submitting LibraryReads Nominations

Nominate titles for LibraryReads right from Edelweiss.

Viewing Reviews

Find your own reviews as well as reviews from your connections on Edelweiss.

Shelving Titles

Keep track of what you (and your Edelweiss peers) are looking forward to or currently reading.

Tagging Titles

Attach your own schema of labels or keywords to titles for quick filtering and grouping purposes.

Leaving Notes

Leave notes on titles, either for yourself or for your Edelweiss colleagues .

5. Exploring Buzz and Communities

With many professional readers reviewing and shelving titles on Edelweiss, you can use the site to see which books are the most popular among your peers. Plus, you can join communities of like-minded readers to connect, collaborate, and discover new titles.

Viewing Edelweiss Buzz

Explore the Buzz tab to find the most popular titles among your Edelweiss affiliates.

Finding People & Communities on Edelweiss

Connect with others on Edelweiss to view their reviews, shelves, and shared collections.

Exploring Edelweiss Community

Try out Edelweiss Community, a mobile-friendly social networking platform for book lovers.

Subscribing to Emails

Sign up for helpful newsletters sharing new review copies or tips for librarians.

Looking to learn more about using Edelweiss and its tools for librarians? Explore our full Knowledge Base of help documentation for librarians here.